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Thesuccess of any business depends on the demographics and purchasing habits ofthe population in the market. So it makes it essential for any business toconduct a regular market survey. Any survey’s success depends on the number ofcompleted responses received, depending on how many people understand thequestionnaire.

Businesstoday is not limited to boundaries of one geographical location, and so asurvey is also required to be circulated to multiple locations, but language isthe barrier for this. With professional agencies who are experts in translationin any foreign or local languages, designing a suitable questionnaire formultiple geographical locations is not a hassle.

Businesses conduct market surveys regularly to bridge the gap between producer andconsumer expectations. It helps in decision-making related to a new launch andalso for the existing product to ensure its continued demand in the market. Itallows the R&D department to develop necessary changes in the product. Italso helps sales & manufacturing departments in assessing market demand orrequired production capacity. 

Ifwe analyze minutely behind the above paragraph, we will realize that anefficient market survey ensures an entire business’s success. This survey canbe a one-to-one conversation with the target population if it’s a small group,but we need either telephonic or online surveys to address a large market. Itmeans either written or oral communication is required in multiple languages depending on region to address.

Thereare many keys for conducting a good survey and how many keys are essential toopen this lock depends on the purpose of the study and its target population. Still,the master key remains the perfect translation of a questionnaire, which means people who speakdifferent languages should decode the same message.

Itmay appear to us that English is the most common business language internationally but if we look at the statistics, we shall be amazed to knowthat not more than 5% of the world population speaks English. How will youensure the participation of 95% population even if you circulate them thesurvey? Don’t worry; with professional document translation services available thesedays, circulation of the local language survey is not a challenge.

Letus catch up on the five most essential tips to get your survey translatedperfectly.

Keep your questionnaire objective- First consideration while formulating a questionnaire is that it should be objective and avoid subjective questions. This ensures that experts need to translate only the standard questionnaire for circulation, and you don’t need to decode the feedback later.

Incase it’s unavoidable to include the subjective questions, then allow theres pondent to feedback in the questionnaire’s language.

Avoid Slangs and Jargons

Usestandard and straight forward language that is easy to translate into any language. Avoid using jargon or slang language. Also, avoid including tag linesof the company as it can bias the respondent and lose its real meaning in multiple languages

Remember,while watching a dubbed movie, even the best dubbing professionals cannotanoint a regional song in other languages with the same meaning.

Keeplanguage simple but relate it with the culture of the target population.

As emphasizedin point no. 1, the questionnaire’s language should be as simple as possible toenable professional translation. However, wherever you are using options likefood or other habits or quoting examples, they should always relate to theculture of the target population. 

Thismeans that mere word-to-word translation is not sufficient, but the translatorshould be professional to know the culture behind the language to replace localhabits in the questionnaire. 

Keep Data Collectors Away from the Translation Burden.

Itmeans that translation work has to finish before handing it to data collectors.Data collectors should not be asked to find local translators as it cancompromise the result. Instead, many agencies are experts in the field of translation.Accordingly, you must select the most suitable and professional translation agency in India for your survey translation projects.

Testthe translated questionnaire on data collectors before circulation.

Everyperson can have a different understanding of the same thing. A perfect questionnaire is the one where all the respondents understand the same thingyou want to convey, and a professional translation is the one that conveysprecisely the same thing in any regional/International language.

Toensure above, it is advisable that after translation of the survey, the translated version should be tested on local data collectors and interviewedfor their understanding of each question in the translated language.

Ifyou are hesitant about the translation issue in your survey, drop the worriesand just ping us. LanguageNoBar is an ISO-certified organization, andwe are an experienced company for all your language translation need. 

Remember,businesses don’t spend but invest in a market surveys.

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