5 tips to select the best translation agency for your project

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Translation spread knowledge, information,ideas, culture, and brands. Today we really need to look back for the brands tocheck their country of origin as they have mixed up so well beyond thegeographical boundaries around the globe. To get here, all these companies hadto overcome the language and cultural barriers before they could spread theirwings. 

We live in a globalized world today wherethere is unison in purchasing, investing, and living habits just because ofcommon platforms of the same information in multiple languages. Today if wehave to travel to a foreign land, we don’t need to find that one person who canspeak our language and also the native language. We carry that translationpower in our small mobile. Translation today is not a small concept oftranslating the text of one language to another. It has a professionallyimprovised version called localization which is helping businesses to touch newheights. 

If there is no translation, there would not beany possibility of globalization, and everyone would stick to their region.This can be a good thing ethically, but ironically, we cannot forget thatoriginally all continents were a single land that got separated gradually. So,the culture which we consider as a foreign culture could have its own roots.Culturally, what stands good in one country may work wonders for us too, and wewould never come to know about it in the absence of professional translation services.

To ensure all the above, we don’t need atranslation but a scientifically done translation. Translation today is notabout learning more than one language, but it is becoming a full-fledged streamof study; the study of language, the study of culture behind the language, andthe application of the knowledge for translation services. 

If you are also looking for translationservices, we are here to give you five tips that can help you select the besttranslation agency for your project.

  • Review portfolio of agency and verify their experience to localize and not just translate.

This era is not of plain text translation, butglobalization has happened because of localization. Knowing a language is notsufficient to capture the heart of people in that region to rule the market,but you need to know the cultural values. So always verify the portfolio of the translation agency if they have sufficient experience of localization work. Gothrough the customer testimonials to ensure the quality work against theprojects mentioned in the portfolio. Choosing the best translation agency in India – could sound a difficult task – but with some research, can bedone easily.

  • Check for theISO certification and their quality control procedures.

Always check the ISO certification of thetranslation agency. It is not just a certification to operate but requires aprocedural audit under the ISO standards. In relation to this audit, agenciesare required to maintain the quality control procedure checklist. Alwaysemphasize reviewing that checklist along with the certificate. 

  • EnterNon-Disclosure Agreement with the agency

It seems a very normal thing, but to be takenas a tip. Believes us, it is a prevalent mistake many people make while dealingwith the agencies. In the excitement of rushing the progress of the project,people enter into the Non-Disclosure Agreement after sharing the projectdetails. Always make it your first point in the checklist to execute theNon-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before sharing any project information with theagency.

  • Verify thecredential of your project manager before signing a contract

Always go through the team size and their professional qualifications. A professional translation agency should alwaysallot a person as a project manager to keep one point of contact while theproject is in progress. It ensures that you share all details and expectationswith that one person who is accountable to fulfill those expectations. 

Before you enter into a contract with theagency, always ensure that the allotted project manager holds sufficient workexperience in dealing with your niche project. You can also ask for hisprofessional portfolio. So, no matter whether you are looking for a Professional Chinese translation services or the translation of your website, it is important that youknow who will coordinate on your project.

  • Technologyintegration and data security

If your translation project is a one-timeaffair, you may not need the technology integration with the agency. However,if your business is such that it will have a routine requirement of translationwork and you seek a long-run connection with the agency, make sure the agencyhas support for the required API for your CMS or ERP. This may not seemessential initially, but it ensures smooth liaison and operations in the longrun. 

Also, if your business data is susceptible,you can ask for a system audit report. You can also consider choosing an agencyamong higher-ranked ISO certifications. A knowledge of translation quality policy of a company is also important to understand the work process and qualityapproach.We hope that you will keepthese tips in mind while selecting the translation agency. If you are lookingfor a  quality oriented translationagency, you can drop all your worries with a click at www.languagenobar.com.

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