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There are millions of apps waiting to be downloaded. The app stores evolve as being more and more competitive with each passing year and app publishers are employing all methods available to increase downloads.

Quality App localization services can be a simple yet powerful method to increase the number of downloads. Language translation is also employed so that it is relevant in various different countries.

App localization is a proven method to increase download without much complexity. Each asset of the app, for example, graphics and texts are translated along with conversion of all units of measurement and cultural adaptations are also carried to complete the app localization process.

Localizing the entire app is time consuming and also involves a lot of money and resources. It should also be ensured that the location works for all apps. In order to minimize the risks of the success of app localization, initially just the metadata is updated. Later on step-by-step process is followed by employing additional resources by localizing the screenshots and app name.

Downloads might see a sudden decrease due to lack of localization. Surveys have revealed that people stop downloading an app due to insufficient localization. The areas that primarily need localization are text/content, pictures/info graphics, colours, sounds/audio, currency, date and numerals and those that vary from country to country and region to region.

The variables are not hardcoded. The feedback of the app users are taken into account in the localization process by a professional language translation company, so that they do not stop using the app. Whenever there is a hitch while using the app, efforts are concentrated in removing the errors not to create any hindrance in the usage of the app.

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