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The legal document binds two or more parties legally. It assigns rights and fixes obligations to both parties. They are legally binding in the event of a future dispute in the court. Since everything about the legal document is referred to the legal court, a small error can lead to legal action against the party. It clarifies that there is no scope for error in the translation of a legal document.

Legal documents which may require the certified translated copies may be patent documents, immigration or domicile documents, financial reports, business contracts, legal disclaimers, confidentiality agreements, medical information, and many more. 

Translation of legal documents is the most challenging process considering the implication of the slightest error and the requirement of in-depth legal knowledge of document. The primary document and the translated document should be the exact interpretations. A professional translator with a proven record of legal translations must be empaneled for such projects.

Let us discuss how to ensure high-quality, error free legal translation services.

  • Refer relevant laws of the native country for translation of legal terms

Legal terms used in the documents should be listed separately. Corresponding laws related to those terms in the native country should be referred for translation. Since there is no scope of any error in the translation work, always keep a legal practitioner of the target language country and the origin language country in the panel for discussion. They should be referred for translation of each legal term. The Law of every country is different, and so is the translation of the legal documents.

  • Do not go for machine translations.

Legal documents need to be translated as a copy of the original document. Translated documents should interpret the original copy. Machines translation, in many instances, has failed to achieve this. Machines cannot make interpretations out of the legal terminology. It is the highly professional task of a translator and a legal practitioner. Of course! You should ask the translator if he is using memory-building tools that help to keep translation projects economical in the future. Yet, there should be a professional working on the actual project.        

  • Confidential legal documents should be handled well.

Legal documents contain information that can cause severe damages to both parties in case of pilferage. An attempt to save pennies by approaching mediators for their translation, who may then request legal practitioners for translation and may work on commissions, can lead to a legal setback. It can be troublesome. When you hire a professional translation company, they always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you and also with the legal practitioners on their panel. It makes all parties accountable for maintaining data confidentiality.   

  • Do not miss to replicate the tone. 

Legal documents are drafted in different forms to convey messages differently as per the requirement. Translation of such a document should not miss conveying the message in the same tone. For example, there is a final payment reminder before setting up an auction against recoverable; here, the tone will be strict, demanding, and warning. Translation of such documents should convey the message with the same sign.

Also, language structure should be kept the same as the legal dispute usually is maintainable in a court of the origin country. All language structures cannot be simply translated in the legal structure of the translated country. The translator needs to apply his highest prudence while translating.

  • Hire a professional agency with experience in legal translations.

The answer to above all problems is diligently hiring the best professional translator. While hiring a language service provider to translate the legal document, always pay attention to their certifications and accomplished project portfolio. Emphasize hiring the agency with proven records of the legal translation done for the same target nation since every nation has a different legal structure and legal requirement. 

If you want to translate your legal document, do reach us for present and future projects. We have a proven record of translation projects of legal documents. We believe in maintaining the highest work quality to maintain long-term business relations. 

We assign a team for the project. It ensures project delivery on or before the deadline, and that is the essence of legal works. Remember, there is an immense difference between general quality oriented document translation services and a legal document translation.

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