High Quality Japanese Translation–Cultural Integration Is A Must!

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The demand for Japanese translation has been growing over the years. With Japanese technology leading many technical sectors, communication of technical content from Japan to any other geographical region requires Japanese translation services.Over the years, the definition of translation has been broadening and high quality translation is not merely limited to word to word conversion of text from one language to another. A quality translation involves understanding the context and then rewriting the content into the target language considering the style, culture and dialect of the target geographical region.

Let us take the case of a business letter. A business owner in India wishes to approach a technical head of a Japanese company. He must draft an official letter in Japanese that follows the Japanese style of writing. The usual process goes like this – the Indian business person would writethe content in English and then get it translated through a Japanese translator to Japanese. However, the Japanese translator must take into account that the translated letter must actually be re-written in Japanese (rather than merely converted word to word or sentence to sentence) considering the Japanese way of addressing and writing.A professional Japanese translation company always understand the significance of integrating culture and local dialect in translation.

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