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Today mobile apps are being used in everycorner of the Earth and people are relying on mobile devices – and theapplications they grant access to – for both work and entertainment. If you’veput together an app that’s popular in your own country, the odds are excellentthat foreign markets will be interested in it too. You just need the right professional translation company India  to introduce your software to those newmarkets. App localization serves as an effective way to address the linguisticand geographical issue by making your app available in the languages that arespoken by the international audience that you intend to target. The languagespoken in a given locale can have nuances that will determine how well you willbe able to connect with the people in it. Mobile app localization is vital ifyou intend to compete in foreign markets. If you are not localizing your appfor your potential users, your app becomes limited in reach. In order to reachyour target audience, developing a mobile app in their native language is essential. Tailoring your app’s interface to meet varying cultural and language expectations is a must. Users want to feel that the apps they download arecreated natively for them, and having obviously incorrect terminology orculturally insensitive content is a huge turn-off. By doing so, you are goingan extra mile to deliver a unique experience to your customers, in the languagethey are comfortable in.

  • Global Reach : With an increasingmajority of the world’s mobile app consumers, if you restrict yourself to asingle-language app launch – no matter what your native language is – you’remissing out on huge markets.
  • Unlimited Sales Potential : By doing mobileapp localization you’ll be able to equally compete in the international marketand provide your target audience with a positive user experience and enhancethe overall sales of your brand.
  • Better ROI : Getting your money’sworth from your mobile apps requires users to download them. Localized appsperform significantly better on this front and thus are downloaded more often,opening the opportunities of higher ROI.

Reaching out to a global crowd requiresthat you understand the linguistic, cultural and ethnic aspects of your nativeusers.  If you are trying to expand yourapplication to the international market and a wider consumer base you need toget tailor made features for the target audience. Localizing your app meansthat you have to translate the content as well as customize it on the basis ofcertain markets and customers. There are 2 widely used process for applocalization:

  • Deep localization in which you can choose the language in which you want the app to be localized and then adapt it to meet varying cultural and language expectations.
  • Minimum Viable Localization (MVL) in which you first gather insights from the target market to analyse your app’s potential.

By ensuring that your app is appealing tousers in a wide variety of locations around the world, you create a tremendous opportunity for growth that you never could have achieved within just onecountry. Professional localization services can make your app appealing to the targeted market, and can create unbelievable opportunities for growth. Thelocalization process involves the following basic steps:

  1. Content and design localization
  2. Choice of specialised native translators
  3. Customizing your code via internalisation
  4. Testing your localized app
  5. Optimizing the app (App store optimization)
  6. Releasing the app in the market

Localizing your next mobile app is aboutmore than just making it available in specific regions, and even simplytranslating the text in your program is not enough. To fully realize the potentialof the global marketplace, you need to account for the subtleties of different cultures. It will take real expertise to evaluate the factors that made your app a hit in its native language and then ensure that the same sort of user experience is available to users in a different country. If you are searchingto get a good ROI by reaching out to a global audience, you need to have your app localized from a professional agency which has extensive experience in thisfield and can provide the services at considerable prices. LanguageNoBar provides specialized app localization services whichwill help you to expand your business and refine your app according to the geography.

Strengthen your brand’s reach and successby offering the highest quality localized content on your mobile apps, in everymarket you serve!

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