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Every online business is turning towards mobile apps owing to the fact that there is a larger audience for mobile internet than that for traditional broadband. If stats are to be believed, there are around 1.8 billion smartphone users all around the world. Therefore, developing and launching an app in one particular language would not solve the purpose. An app should cater to the needs of your global audience to earn maximum benefits. App localization is the best way to do that. What is it exactly? It is actually developing an app in different languages so that it can fulfill the cultural and language requirements of all the target users.But what should you know before starting localization?

  • Keep in mind that app localization is an expensive and time-consuming affair and thus, you must choose top 2-3 markets to localize your app accordingly. Having a good percentage of the users is important before selecting any localization region.
  • It is better to start the localization process during the developmental stage of the app. Otherwise, the process can be daunting and can be costly also.
  • Localizing the content of the app is not enough. You must also localize it according to the respective app store like iOS, Android, etc. This should be done based on target platform’s guidelines.
  • Do not rely on your in-house developers or translators for localizing your app. This is a highly technical affair and needs expert guidance and expertise. So, better delegate this task to some professional app localization services.

The actual benefits of the app development can only be achieved after app localization. So, better make it an important part of your “go-mobile” strategy.

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