Marketing Translation Services: Key to a Brand’s Success in Global Market

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Global companies are now shifting theirmarketing strategies to a whole new level. The main aim of these companies isto speak the customer language and adopt the local culture that would pushtheir product to the target audience. In order to achieve success globally, anorganization needs to work on implementing the holistic approach, and the translation of marketing material is one such approach. Well researched marketing translation will strengthen a brand’s identity on a global scale,while preserving its uniqueness in each market. On the other hand, literaltranslation of marketing copy will almost certainly damage your brand.Therefore, translations done by a professional translation agency is a right decision you can take to make theprocess easy and take off the burden.

Whether your business belongs to B2B orB2C, your company needs a marketing translation service that can push yourbrand further. Some of the reasons are:

  • Expanding Your Market: Providing servicesin a customer’s language will put them at ease and help answer questions theymay not know how to ask in your native language. Making a customer morecomfortable and giving peace of mind by being able to serve them in a languagethey understand will generally lead to them spreading the word about yourservices. Also, customers prefer buying products that are present in themarkets in their native language and this will help to create influence inpurchase.
  • Strengthen Your Image: Simply put, whilehaving a great product/service will give you a great image, being able toprovide marketing translation support to your customers will give you an evengreater image. Giving a potential customer the peace of mind that they will beable to interact with you in their language will help strengthen your image inthat specific location. On top of that it will leave a better impression oncustomers, knowing you have taken the time to go that extra step when it comesto customer support, giving them the impression that you truly care about yourcustomers.
  • The Competitive Edge: Translating yourmarketing strategy, content, product and services will help give you an edgeover your competitors. After all if you are offering your services in severaldifferent languages while your competitor is only offering their services inone language you will have the edge. You will have the ability to answercustomers in their own language making it easier for them to interact with you.When expanding internationally andaddressing new foreign markets, businesses must make sure that their promotionstrategy will help them to grow their sales and revenue. In order to do so, theglobal marketing campaign must be fully understandable within the targetedmarket and have the desired impact on the chosen audience. Here are someimportant things to consider when translating marketing content:
  • Understanding the objective: First of all,understanding the goal of marketing copy is paramount. Is it to introduce yourbrand and its character, or to describe its benefits? To communicate its USP orto define your audience’s reason to believe? Whatever the purpose, it isimportant to understand the aim of the copy. Only then can you apply theappropriate process to achieve the desired result.
  • Adapting to the locale’s cultural context: It is preferablethat the marketing translator fully understands the local culture and has athorough understanding of every word, idiomatic expressions and images. It’sbecause there are words that do not have direct translations in otherlanguages. More so, some expressions and photos may not be acceptable to thetarget culture. The marketing translation should have local appeal; thus thetranslator must consider the cultural implications of the marketing content. 
    Also, the tone andstyle should be established at the beginning of the project. The translatormust know the audience type to determine whether the approach should be formalor informal. Typically, the content is written to appeal to primary andsecondary target consumers of all ages.
  • Establishing the value of the brand: The voice of thebrands should be retained whichever language you are using to translate themarketing copy. The voice should be similar in whatever market the material isgoing to be used even if the literal meaning deviates from the original. Thecopy has to adapt to the local culture, so it is inevitable that there would bechanges. Aside from the brand’s voice, the value of the brand should likewisereverberate in any language. The translator has to choose the appropriate wordsin the requested languages that will convey the same meaning.
  • Consideration for colors and imagery: Marketingmaterials, which include packaging and ad layouts often employ colors andimages to augment the brand’s appeal. They help identify the brand. But theseelements do not often work as expected in other countries, where colorassociations are part of the local culture. In the same manner, there areimages that do not have a positive appeal among foreign consumers.
  • Investing in the right translation agency: Marketing involvesmany things, and the translation is one of the parts which require extra attentionand an experienced mind. So hiring a certified Marketing Translation company can improve the brand presence inthe new market. There are already many brands working hard to make their markin the region, so competing with them is a challenge. So the translationcompany along with the marketing team of the respective company need to workhand-in-hand to improve the brand presence in the new region.

The process ofaccurate marketing translation needs a delicate balance between language andculture and the brand’s identity and message. Only experienced marketing translators should work on projects like this. The translator should also knowif the target market is regional or global because in some locales, dialectsare more accepted than the global language. If you are willing to promote yourbusiness in the international market, then LanguageNoBar - a professional Language Service Provider, offers certified and quality marketing translation and localization services in over 150 languages through domain-expert,experienced and native translators.

Developing itsbrand internationally is a major factor for a company’s progress and successand trusting a translation agency for your marketing strategy can help youto  transcend the boundaries of languageand culture.

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