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Boost global research through Survey Translation Services

Surveys are important elements of market research for any product or service. In order to evaluate market opportunities and brand positioning, most brands depend on professional survey translation services. Maximum surveys use English as the base language but in some geographies across the world, English might not be understood by most. Thus, comes in the role of Survey Translation Services..

Surveys when projected in the respondent’s local language ensures a clear understanding of the survey topic and also facilitates responding accurately as most survey takers will obviously find mother tongue as the best medium of interaction. It is a universal and proven fact that consumers all across the world prefer to speak, write and read in their native language.

Need for Survey Translation Services in India
LanguageNoBar has a team of survey translators or translation specialists practitioners who are experienced in conducting regular translation of a huge variety of multi-market research projects in India and abroad. We understand the importance of delving deep into consumer research. We cover various industries such as banking, finance, retail, IT/ITES and more. Various customer satisfaction surveys are conducted at different stages right from creating and assessing market needs to gauging market response and decide further business propositions. Surveys on customer loyalty are also conducted for continual sustenance of a product or service. Being a certified language translation company, LanguageNoBar specializes in fields such as engineering, healthcare and pharmaceutical research where we conduct survey translation by fully trained survey localization experts possessing in-depth knowledge and ample experience in the particular domain.

Importance of Promptness of service

Promptness of Survey Translation Service increases business bandwidth by immediately   catering to customers and resolving their concerns.  Superb services responsiveness helps win customer faith and improves dimensions in the long run. LanguageNoBar has a well-defined workflow to ensure high quality translation that is best in the industry and that adheres to the prevalent industry standards.

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