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Social media is widespread and used by almost every internet user presenting an excellent way for businesses to build brand identity, loyalty, and connectivity with customers. It enables you to show the human side of the brand to potential customers by directly engaging with them. Also, the social media market is very effective in gaining a better understanding of what bores the customers and what keeps them engaged. It provides the opportunity to regularly optimize your brand communication strategy using metrics and insights. Dedicated Social media translation services make it possible for brands to connect with audiences belonging to different linguistic regions in a relevant and powerful way. With social media translation services, businesses can reap the benefits of social media marketing across their linguistic boundaries.

Well, there is no doubt about social media being the most dominating platform for marketing especially during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The trend of digitization of the economy has led to an increase in spending on online and social media marketing channels while decreasing the same for traditional methods. Businesses around the globe have started investing more and more in social media and utilize this opportunity, especially in 2020, to pour in more creative content on these platforms as well as their websites. But when the drift started soon it was realized by marketers that merely amplifying their social media marketing with creative content is not enough, as it is well-known that marketing translations and localizations are a continuous process. To incur more effectiveness and drive more engagement with their creative content, they need to go for social media translations. Employment of strategies such as search engine optimization and content management centralized on multilingual social media translations has become crucial for brands to capitalize on the opportunity of reaching out to the customers in their comfort space to interact and engage with them and magnify their online presence and impact.

Now consider the impact of social media on businesses nowadays, here are some best practices to maximize your social media presence –

Research the Market – To make your social media marketing more effective, do local market research. As people’s behavior varies from place to place so do the social media platforms. One social media platform might be swiping the floor in your locale might not at all exist in the other. Therefore, proper market research must be employed to understand which social media platform to use and how to make it effective for the brand, just to make the point clearer, a social media platform called VKontakte is much more popular in Russia than Facebook.

Don’t Trust Machines – Machine translations may be offered to you for a lesser price but understand that social media is not only about the words, it includes emotions also and machines can’t translate that. Though machine translations have improved in past years but not enough to understand the cultural nuances, traditional significance, and ethnic diversity of language and people native to it. Therefore, always go for an experienced manual translation for best results and to avoid any unintended social media catastrophe.

Emojis are Important – These little icons resemble different meanings and add fun to a conversation, but are not limited to that. They set the tone and mood of the conversation so you better pay attention to them. For instance, the first emoji available on different social media platforms have different meanings in different cultures or countries. In general, it denotes to fight but German people use it to say good luck. Similarly, the symbol recognized for peace is considered offensive in the UK. So, each culture has a different meaning to different symbols, and therefore, translating your emojis is a wise move to avoid any controversy.

One Doesn’t Fit all – In the case of social media, it is better to have different accounts for different languages. Having a unified social media account where you post your content in all the languages makes it messy and redundant. Moreover, there might be some specific events or traditional festivals that are specific to a particular language or culture but not so known in others. So, to avoid a situation where users do not understand a post or find it irrelevant to their interest, give each language a different social media account.

So, a wise piece of advice would be to have native speakers in your team. Native speakers in your social media marketing team would prove to help shape the content while also aiding in quickly responding to native customers over social media. However, for your social media translations to go effectively you must get professionals on board. Professional translation agencies like LanguageNoBar have the pool of expertise and experience that could provide you with a seamless social media translation or localization.

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