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LanguageNoBar adopts a simplified and efficient software localization process to take your software to a new height of popularity, access, global audience and widespread customer base. Going by the modern day scenario, today’s world demands a software that is localized and that can offer a higher level of user satisfaction.

LanguageNoBar offers a smooth streamlined and no-hassle methodology to the entire end-to-end process of providing professional software localization services. This guarantees better usability and functionality features that will create an increasing need and improved appeal to your software users across the world.

Process redefined

The software localization efforts have been consciously streamlined by employing agile management efforts. The workflow ensures high degree of adaptability and ease-of-use. We do not let the complexity of the development process hinder the workflow. Greater consistency level is retained with high-quality software interface.

Improved translation speed

By reducing the time of translation we reduce the product’s time to market and that adds a substantial degree of value to the localization process. We generate better business traffic with quick market turnaround.

Ease of integration

LanguageNoBar attempts a seamless integration method to empower your software’s adaptability for multi-forked usability such as web, desktop and mobile by means of a wide range of API integration in more than one languages that comprises Java, PHP, Rails, and Node.

Cost Effective By improving your marketing reach through Localization, LanguageNoBar provides cost-effective translation services.

in more than 50 languages at competitive rates to ensure higher business returns. Timely delivery of localization projects ensure effectiveness and timely recognition. Dedicated and rigorous linguistic and functional testing guarantees unhindered software functionality.

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