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In this era of globalization of data distribution, the only way to make your mobile app a global success is to make it globally localized. In a mobile-using community and an intense rise in the number of smartphone users worldwide, accurate mobile app localization services play a very important role.

Localization of mobile app involves adopting the app to meet the linguistic, cultural and a set of other specific target market requirements.LanguageNoBar has a pool of native talent for all kinds of localization need who understand the business requirements and the tricks of a successful mobile app localization. The trained and certified translators keep it in mind that localization is not simply about language setting but involves a comprehensive revamping of visual content, graphics and videos, audio tracks and more to fit into the target cultural domain. Localization however is incomplete without a thorough internationalization. Internationalization takes care of the font, screen size anomalies and language orientation mismatches and thus helps the localization process.

Here are some tips for accurate mobile app localization:

  1. The units of measurement such as metric parameters expressing energy, length, mass, size, capacity, volume, etc. need to be carefully localized
  2. The layout need to be carefully considered based on the target language. The differences occur because of the fact that some languages are written vertical and some lateral, while some are written left to right others are written right to left.
  3. There are small button commands such as “ok” or “cancel” or “edit”. These need to be localized without giving a miss as they form instructions too.
  4. Localization should be administered for all the symbols that are used, mainly because symbols might hold varying connotations in various different cultural contexts.
  5. Key words should be localized with precise translation quality policy to boost visibility through search engines and for better comprehension of the local audience.

A lot of research, a good talent pool of experienced and native translators, testing of localization, genuine respect for the target language and knowhow of the cultural and traditional anomalies go a long way towards creating an accurate mobile app localization

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