Why Localize your marketing material at all?

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When mounting into international markets or markets with different native languages, brands need to adjust their marketing and communication strategies to fit the locations they wish to target. Although, it is possible to create a whole new marketing campaign from scratch, however, it will require a lot of effort and resources. While targeting different geographical regions, you must market your products and services in the native language. Among the different types of content that you need to get translated into the native languages of your target regions, marketing materials hold great significance. So, if you are planning to launch your products or services in different markets, you need to modify and translate your marketing campaigns and all the marketing means using a native translator as per the cultural distinctions, needs, and expectations of the target market. In order to make a positive impact on the minds of your potential customers, it's mandatory to make sure that it resonates with the traditions, norms, and values of the region.

Choosing Localization over Translation – The density of localization of marketing material is only truly understood by a professional translation services provider. A play of words that is attractive and smart in one language might sound phony or be out-and-out offensive in another. Tag lines and slogans are often untranslatable as they are based on cultural implications specific to a particular region. Marketing materials often use rhymes, metaphors, and other forms of expressions in the source language that do not work in the target language. For example, while a simple marketing translation only considers the target language and occasionally the target country, localization produces more effective results and gains a positive brand image by creating quality content that resonates with your target audience and contributes to building trust by engaging with the readers at a personal level.

Localization not just emphasizes the target language, but also the target audience and their outlooks. In this, modifications are made according to the customs and habits, as well as the cultural, economic, social, and political background of the customers. For instance, small details like where to put the price on products, manufacturers’ info, date, time, measuring units, currencies, etc., all will be according to the cultural norms and linguistic suitability of the location. From making you a laughing stock to a serious offender, a simple translation could leave you in such a place from where there is no returning. It could tarnish your brand image in irreparable ways. Whereas, localization works to strategically enhance your reach and brand image among potential customers.

While translation covers only linguistic aspects, localization also includes visual and technical solutions. It makes the content efficient in a culturally and linguistically diverse region. If your goal is to interact with your target audiences through any digital channels or software, the only sensible way is to alter your content into their native language by using localization.

Profits of Localizing Your Marketing Materials – Advertising on a global level makes it more challenging to attract people’s attention, irrespective of whether it is being done by exploiting the advantages of social media, newspapers, or television. If a marketing campaign is to be successful, then the messaging must be clear, specific, and original. Localization presents you with the opportunity of putting an extra effort in your marketing translations today to keep reaping the benefits for longer-term.

Localization plays a decisive role in engaging the target audience and driving sales. With this, you can overcome both linguistic and cultural barriers and can create robust and engaging campaigns that convey your messages directly to your audience and have a positive influence on them.

Without it, your messages could be too weak or incomprehensible and gradually will get lost somewhere in the noise. On second thought, it could get noticed for unintended reasons and attract unwanted attention. 

Ultimately, superior localization is an important part of any successful and outstanding advertising campaign, and should not be ignored. Emphasizing the localization of your marketing materials allows you to channelize the way people in the target market see your brand. It helps create better connections and builds audiences’ trust in the company.

Marketing localization in totality is creative adaptation & customization of marketing materials considering the distinctiveness of the target region. So, it makes your marketing materials more interactive and communicative and enhances your reach in the market. Localization is seen to bring in a better return on marketing investment.

So, now when know how crucial it is to get your marketing materials localized instead of translated, you need to figure out a professional localization services company to help you out with it. LanguageNoBar your premium localization service provider, is one of the apex institutions for quality localization services with native translators, the latest translation techs, and years of experience in providing localization services

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