5 Key Points to Consider while getting your Book Translated

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So, you are a published author in your language, and now you want to get your books translated into another language. Well, that’s pretty normal, after all the efforts you put into writing the book, why not make it reach more people. So, if you are not fluent in the other language then the challenge is who to trust with this task? Who would show the same level of dedication in translating the book as you had while writing it? The answer is a good professional translation company. A good professional translation company like LanguageNoBar would ascertain every aspect of the context of the Book to ensure that the translation uplifts the book.

But before all that happens, you might want to figure out certain things, lay down some ground rules, and devise a strategic plan for your book translation. Here are 5 key points to consider while getting your book translated –

Know the Reasons & set the goals –  Roughly 65% of total global book publishing is not in English, writers sticking to one language could easily be missing out on a lot of readers. If you are one of them, you might want to reconsider that. Anyways, you need to know the reasons why you want to get your book translated. It can be –Generating more sales, as the book gets new markets and new readers, the overall sale of the book will increase. Again, the access to new readers will allow you to connect with more people and establish yourself as a worldwide author. Exploiting the benefits of a less competitive market where the number of books published is quite limited. You establish the aim you want to achieve with your book translation and devise the plan accordingly.

Define your Target market & Audience – This is the first and very crucial step, as they say, to know your audience. So, first, you have to decide the language and location for which you want to translate your book. Book writing & publishing is an arduous job in itself and toping that is getting it translated and published in a new market. So, before you do that you should do some research about the target market and popularity of the genre. You should also account for the international sales of your book. If the book is getting higher sales in say Spain, then hiring a professional Spanish translation services would be a good idea.

Choose a Translation Company – As translating a book is already challenging, finding the right translation company or a translator takes the challenge a notch further. Finding a suitable translation partner is critical as it's not just the words that will be translated. You will be needing someone who is native to the language and your target market and can translate the idea, the context & concept, nuances, etc. making it seamless. You should thoroughly check for – previous works, familiarity with the genre, approachability & reaction to feedback, the cost of translation, and the scheduling of the project to ensure that your book translation is given the proper care and attention as it should be and its beauty does not get lost in the translation.

Collaborating & Proofing –  You have to get involved with the translator ensuring the spirit of the book is not tampered with. You need to be available for the translator’s questions regarding the concept, or the idea in a particular chapter or scenario. Also, your translator should be open to suggestions. In addition to that, you must involve a rigorous proofing procedure once the book is translated. It is essential to eradicate any error, as it could hamper the flow of the story. If you hire a professional  translation company it would provide you with proofing would be available alongside of book translation services.

Publishing and Monitoring –  Once you have passed all the steps of getting a book translated, your book is now ready to be published. You just need to find a good aggregator with a decent international presence to publish and distribute your book. Multiple authors have achieved success through book translations as it has proven to be a huge milestone of their careers. You should also devise a way to monitor your book’s performance. In this way, you can measure the success of translation and the return on your investment.

Book translation is an artistic process, it involves translating the very thought that originally inspired the author in writing the book. Since, nowadays, great translation service agencies are available, authors should reap its benefits. At LanguageNoBar, we value the ideas, thoughts, and emotions that an author has put into writing the book, and therefore, we employ only fluent and native translators with impeccable track records and give the best possible translations to your books.

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