5 tips to ensure a smooth and creative trans-creation of your blogs

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More than three billion people are now using the internet in today’s world, which is 50% of the world’s total population. Many users are purchasing products online through e-commerce rather than the market. The provision of online targeted marketing material has become crucially essential for any worldwide business.

As the buyers move towards e-commerce platforms, various e-commerce websites are in the race to reach more people and grab the buyers of the local and global markets. So it is essential to build your marketing strategies according to the target audience. It doesn’t matter how unique your product is or how smooth your branding is! If customers can’t understand your marketing materials, they will move elsewhere.

As a result, companies find that many enterprises fall flat without connecting with speakers of local languages. That’s why many top multinational businesses have started to invest in multilingual content, enabling them to attract local market buyers. That’s why they have tried trans-creation of the content.

Unlike a quality document translation, trans-creation is a combination of creation & translation. It is a creative process of adapting content from one language to a different language on considering the local culture, specifications of every language, and other project details.

Trans-creation ensures that message style, emotion, intent, context, tone are adequately translated and adapted to the target language. The translated message should conjure similar sentiments to the initial text and resonate well with the locals. 

Trans-creation involves re-writing content and requires localization and other online marketing techniques that ensure the right message reaches the right audience and achieves the desired result.

Here are five tips on how to create a smooth and creative trans-creation:

  • Trans-creation Must Be Clear About The Target Market And Culture: 

Before the trans-creation of your blog, you need to know about the target audience first, as many people see trans-creation as the easier way to communicate with the audience and reach global markets. 

For specific content, such as user-generated content, it is not enough to just translate the content from one language to another. The writer must also know about their religion, traditions, customs, and purchasing behavior.

 A translator can translate from one language to another. Still, a linguistic copywriter can transform content from one culture to another.

The trans-created content must be tailored according to each target market which helps in high-level marketing and advertising campaigns. As such, much creativity needs to be put in to ensure quality marketing translation services.

  • For Smooth Trans creation, Focus on Goals:

 The language service provider and client must understand each other’s goals; both are aligned and work towards a common goal. Both parties need to invest at the beginning of the relationship and ongoing communication to achieve their target through global teamwork. They must have ensured that the teams are familiar with existing marketing assets, desired user experience, marketing objectives, creative components, and quality expectations.

  • Choose Appropriate Content For Creative Trans creation:

It is unnecessary to create fresh content; some content must be revamped and require intense quality checks due to its expected high impact on its target audience. For planning your strategies and budget, it is necessary to decide which content will undergo a trans-creation process. Regulatory content like legal, informative, and technical requires expertise and accuracy, which must be valid to the source. The trans-creation of content for global marketing and advertising campaigns must retain essential brand and product attributes. Still, specific copy detail is often changed to suit local preferences. Deciding on the proper techniques for the varied content is a crucial part of a localization strategy.

  • Multilingual SEO For Different Regions: 

Different countries have different search engines and search habits; for example, Yandex is commonly used in Russia, Baidu is preferred more in China, and around 2 billion people use Google Search. So to showcase your brand, you need to adopt a multilingual SEO strategy as well.

Be alert during keyword research because keywords have different demographics for different regions. Knowing those variations is an essential ingredient of SEO success.

  • Choose a Professional linguistic Writers: 

Having experienced and qualified linguistic professional writers is essential for global marketing success. An experienced translator may be able to produce 100% unique content. The digital marketing content writer has native language skills and knowledge. The writer needs a high level of creativity and marketing savvy for Trans-creation to ensure content is transformed, not just modified. So, choosing a professional linguistic writer is more important for the smooth Trans-creation of your blog.

Always keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth and creative trans-creation of your blogs. For the best trans-creation of the blog, you can reach LanguageNoBar – a popular translation services company in India. We offer translation/localization/trans-creation services in 150+ languages while ensuring high quality and quick TAT.

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