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Why choose LanguageNoBar

LanguageNoBar is adept at translating various types of content towards personal or professional use for various industries and needs. We deal with everything right from promotional and training content to instructional, informative audio tracks. We also specialize in video or film Audio Video Translation services in India catering to more than 150 languages for markets big and small. Our team is a resourceful and robust amalgamation of keen and knowledgeable professional translators, experienced directors, veteran voice coaches and skilful native speakers to create the authentic and credible translation. Our expertise in dubbing and generating the perfect voiceovers in any language, including subtitling for videos helps give your business a remarkable boost.

Why should you hire one in India

The team is in perfect coordination and sync delving into the best way for translation of your audio or video project so that they can create the maximum impact among the target audience and geography. We guide you on the best voice over professionals for your customised project and help you budget your creative designs from our large cohort of professional bilingual voiceover artists.

As a certified translation company, we offer complete audio and video translation services

in India for big and small projects for government and not-for-profit organizations and businesses of all sizes. Our audio and video translations are of high quality and accurate. They are designed keeping in mind the cultural diversity, technical expertise and customer satisfaction at competitive prices. LanguageNoBar maintains the authenticity of the original version of the content and ensures that the new version is equal to the original in all aspects.

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