How to pick the best-fit translation company for your localization needs

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You are planning to expand your business across geographical boundaries and find yourself wondering which translation agency to choose? Well, if that’s the case with you, stop looking to hire a translation agency. LanguageNoBar strongly suggests that it’s better to find a good localization partner for your business rather than renting a translation service. Although, there is no difference between the two other than their level of involvement and dedication towards translation work.

Finding a good translation service/localization partner is a very hectic job. You may find some agencies offering services at lucrative prices or some offering more services at the same price. This might get you confused, but you need not worry; LanguageNoBar- leading localization service provider in India is here to enlighten you about how to choose a translation agency that serves best your localization needs. So next time you are meeting with a translation agency, pay more attention to these signs to consider them for your localization partnership:


To begin with, you would like to know what are the past projects they have worked on. An experienced agency would know the ins and outs of the industry, the culture of your target market, and the areas to focus efforts on. A professional agency would also guide you throughout the process, create solutions for your localization problems, and be keen on improving your experience. You should go for an agency aware of your industry’s practices and jargon or has worked with clients similar to your niche. Such an agency would focus on optimizing the whole process and being cost-effective, all with their experience.

Involvement and Approach

You have to ascertain the role that you want your translation agency/localization partner to fit in. You might be going international, and you need a partner who understands your vision. Explain your goals and ask them to shed some light on the transitional roadmap; you need someone contributing to your overall success. You need to understand their way of functioning and analyze whether their approach suits your localization goals. Whether you are looking for quick document translation services or a want to localize your complete website, understanding the approach of your localization partner is critical.

Value Addition

Choosing a suitable translation agency to be your localization partner requires time and mutual understandings. You have to look for a partner who is motivated and caters for your localization plans. Choose a translation partner that, while providing the regular services, includes other effective measures to add value to your localization processes and make them more competent and efficient. So, what value a particular agency would add to your localization process should also be looked at.

Linguistic and Technical Proficiencies

You need to check the level and the number of linguistic proficiencies your translation partner is offering. Consider a scenario where you have to go to different agencies and then restart the whole selection procedure. Well, that might be a thing consuming more time and adding to your cost. It’s also easier to manage multiple language projects with one partner than having multiple partners of different languages. Also, it would help if you watched out for the technological tools and competency the translation partner possesses. Working on an easy-to-use translation management tool saves a lot of time and effort. It also ensures that your partner has a technological bend and provides easy updates on the projects. Although such an agency would be a little expensive, LanguageNoBar advises you to go for quality over cost.

Quality Service

There are a plethora of agencies providing translation and localization services. Still, you should seek those who offer quality that matches your standards. Their work is what will represent you to the target audience. An agency with well-recorded translation quality assurance should be on top of your list. The agency will be thorough with the work and have high standards for selecting their linguists and translators. Such an agency will ascertain you with their – data security, system for monitoring and regulating their work, and their complaint redressal services. Always go for an agency that can provide record audits to prove the quality of their work.

Apart from these, you should also compare your allocated budget with the price of services. Also, have a clear discussion about the mediums of communications and support services. A good translation agency would be driven and focused on work. It would plan out elements like – schedule, market language variations, and roles and responsibilities. Good agencies often function as consultants even in finding a translation partner. They highlight the key points to look at. Although, you should only choose that agency as your localization/translation partner, whose working perspectives and strategies align with yours.

LanguageNoBar – a professional translation company, is  the most efficient translation and localization service provider in the market encompasses all of these qualities and much more. Now leading the marketplace, we have worked our way to the top while providing quality services in more than 150 languages and dialects. To know more about us and our services contact us.
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