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Mobile app localization refers to the process of localising a mobile application to meet the language, cultural, and other unique requirements of a specific target market. Marketing is an integral part of any business and all companies – big or small are focussed towards marketing their product/service to increase their customer outreach and revenue. With the number of smartphone users growing exponentially across the globe, professional mobile app localization services are strongly emerging as one of the key parts of any marketing campaign.

Mobile app localization has numerous advantages and localizing a mobile app can rapidly increase the mobile app’s success (app downloads/rating etc) in a global marketplace. While increasing the number of downloads and registered users is the basic intent of all companies launching their mobile app, user engagement is one of the key factors which pays a very important rose in the overall success and revenue of a business that drives itself through its mobile app. So, let’s learn why you must immediately consider localizing your mobile app.

 It goes without saying that everybody wants to use any website of mobile application in his/her local / native language. User engagement is one of the key factors which are strongly improved through app localization. While using an app in their mother tongue, users are able to connect naturally with the app and hence, their probability of transacting on the app or using it frequently increase steeply.

Localizing your mobile app gives you access to the global market and expands your customer outreach multi-fold. Having an app only in English would only attract readers who speak English. As only around 15% of the world’s population understands English, this means that you are missing out on targeting 85% of the world’s population, which, surely is a major miss. Solution – Localize your mobile app into the native language of your target member and see your product sales rise!

App localization provides a huge competitive advantage to your business over your competitors. In this cut-throat competitive world, localizing your mobile app would put you ahead in the competition as the customers tend to prefer visiting ad engaging with sites written in their native language. Owing to this, the demand for quality translation services in India has been increasing rapidly. Most companies are in the lookout for translation agencies which can offer quality localization of mobile apps and other content.

“User Experience” is one of the key parameters that defines the retention value of users. Mobile app localization does not merely involve translation of the text into a particular language, but it involves cultural adaptation of the app layout, images etc – so the users can actually connect with the mobile app. Once a user feels “connected” to an application or a web page, the chances of the user sticking and coming back increase many fold.

Localizing your mobile app increases user trust. By localizing your mobile app, you indicate to the app users that you care for them and you are working towards building an application that is user friendly and convenient. This increased trust and credibility can improve your brand image through word of mouth.

Most users these days search for an app through google and as such, ranking high on the Search Engine is very important for any business. Localizing a mobile app supports in SEO as local keywords and phrases are mostly used in local searches and can improve your app ranking significantly.

Localization strongly increases your brand value and brand awareness. Customers are able to connect more with the brand which is in their local language and as such the brand value of a localized mobile app is much higher in the customer’s eyes. You must have noticed localized names of big brands such as McDonalds / Pizza Hut etc in their outlets based on the location of the outlet.

Given the above, mobile app localization is an integral part of any company’s marketing / user reach. In fact, given the impact localization has on the target market, most companies plan for the localization budget and timelines at the app development stage itself. Once the user outreach is increased and users are connected, engaged, spend time on a mobile app, the revenue of the app increases significantly.

So, ready to get your mobile app localized? It is very important to choose a quality oriented agency which can offer high quality human translations. Lets say, for instance you are targeting China for your app, so, first selecting a professional Chinese translation services provider agency is a very important task. One must first evaluate the agencies translators, quality policy, past work etc before choosing the best fit app localization agency.

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