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Life Sciences Translation: Its importance

LanguageNoBar’s constant endeavour has been to contribute to all sections of the society and to make Life Sciences and Medical Translation Services in India more accessible, accurate, useful and time-saving. In this endeavour, we have a team of accomplished and experienced professional translators who cater to various different types of documents. The translators are entrusted with translation projects on the basis of their subject matter expertise.

Various domains of Life Sciences Translation

In this respect, we translate various documents on Research & Development, including Clinical Research. The publishing and educational domains also get benefitted by the effective translation of scientific articles, patents, CMC documentation, Promotional Materials and Investigator Brochures. The medical industry is directly profited by the publication and translation of various written material related to Regulatory Affairs, Sales & Marketing, Registration Dossiers, translation of Websites – both Professional and Consumer. We also translate Lab Reports, Clinical Trial Agreements, Labels and Package Insertions, Committee Submissions, Validation Reports, Instructions For Use, Investigator Brochures and Marketing Collateral. Websites need translation of Software and Hardware related to medicine and its practices.

The eLearning industry can spread its wings sufficiently to all corners of geography through quick and accurate translation of e-learning content to increase the reach of awareness and studies. The Manufacturing industry with its Site Operations Manuals translated also reaps advantage. Apart from that, LanguageNoBar also operates by translation of sales training materials, SOPs, Declaration of Conformity and IVRS Prompts, Multimedia and Institutional Contracts. Documents related to Patient Education and Adverse Event Report Forms are immensely helpful to a wider section of the society when translated. By following a multi-tier translation quality policy, LanguageNobar offers high quality translation of Pharmacovigilance and Postmarketing Surveillance and Informed Consent Forms along with Data Sheets, Patient Recruitment Materials, Validation Reports and Patient Reported Outcomes that are very crucial to the medical industry.

LanguageNoBar caters to various pharma companies such as Biotechnology Companies, Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Medical Devices Companies and Clinical Research Organizations.

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