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Mobile apps are so popular these days thatit is difficult to imagine our daily life without using multiple mobileapplications. A mobile app, if useful to a particular user, is something thathe/she will keep using throughout the day intermittently. Given the immensepopularity of mobile apps, everything from education/e-learning to gaming tobidding to travel to stock markets… and to everything else that we can think of– is on mobile apps.

Now that mobile apps are so popular and ofso much day-to-day usage, it is important that the end-user feels at home andat ease while browsing through any mobile application. Data shows that mostapps – whether web apps or mobile apps are in English but as a matter of fact,less than 18% of world population speaks English. This brings us down to thefact that by creating a mobile app in English, we are missing out on targetinga major chunk of the world population that does not speak English. Accordingly,the need for a multi-lingual mobile app is imperative and cannot be underminedunder any circumstances.

A mobile app is usually the first face ofany business/brand apart from the website. The popularity of smart phones andapps has led to a situation, in many cases, where people are using a productsmobile app without even visiting its website! Multilingual mobile app localization in India – hence – hasemerged as a much needed service through which an app can belocalized/translated into the language of its end customers.

A mobile app in many cases, not only servesas an informative platform but also provides an interface through which userscan perform an action. For instance – listen to an audiobook, read a chapter,make a travel booking and so on. As such, an app serves the purpose ofmarketing, information and action. Marketing is one of the most importantaspects of any business. Any brand/company becomes popular through itsmarketing strategy. Popular brands such as Coca-cola, Pepsi, Dove etc aremarketed so well that we can resonate to one or more of their ad/marketingcampaigns when we see the product. However, it is important to note here thatthe marketing campaigns of these brands are localized to the target geographyand each campaign/ad ensures that it touches an emotion which is specific tothat particular geography/demography.

While localizing your mobile app to thelanguage of your customers, it is important to ensure that you choose the best translation company in India thathas professional translators and has a well defined quality policy. Simply asit may sound, language translation involves a deep understanding of the sourcetext, a native understanding of the target language and an understanding of thetarget market and audience. A professional translator needs to be bilingualexpert so he/she can understand both the source and target languages perfectly– can understand the source text and rewrite it in the target language whileretaining context.

While getting your mobile app localization services for your mobile app, ensure thatyou provide the below inputs to the translation agency –

  1. Product/App functionality and user – Itis important that a translator understand the usage of the mobile app to beable to localize it properly. While localizing a mobile app, the translatorneeds to ensure that he uses appropriate terminology which is easy tounderstand and fits best in the given context and relates to the purpose of themobile app.
  2. Target  geography/location – A customer relates most to an application/website if it is notonly written in his/her language but also localized using appropriate slangsand terms as used in his region. Accordingly, a translator who is localizing amobile app would need to use appropriate language and syntax as is used in aparticular region as that the brand can make the most ROI out of its spends onmobile app localization.
  3. Target audience – To be able to get themost out of your translation agency, it is important that the information aboutthe customer demography, age, interests etc is shared beforehand. Let’s say, weare translating an app to Hindi, then the translator can offer high quality English to Hindi translation services, if he is aware of the target audience. This helps thetranslator choose the right words and syntax while localizing the app.

In a nutshell, creating a multilingual mobile application would help you reach your customers more effectively and help you get the best ROI. LanguageNoBar – an ISO certified Translation Company in India offers quality mobile app localization services through professional native translators and proofreaders.
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