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With the world getting more and more connected on online platforms, the need for app localization is higher than ever. App makers also want to seize this opportunity of expansion and growth and hence more efforts are poured into making apps as much localized as possible. This mobile app localization is not only increasing the number of users but also raises the overall revenue by breaking the geographical boundaries. But first what is mobile app localization? It is a way a custom tailoring an app to be user-friendly, culturally sound, and more geographically connected for the people residing in different parts of the world. For instance, using a foreign app in your local language makes it easier to use and understand its functionalities, than using it in any other language. Localization empowers the app to be alluring to the people speaking different languages, having different currencies and metric values and thus opening up the gates of growth, which were previously closed because of linguistic limitations.

Since the year 2020 has laid down the foundation for online life, from professionals to groceries, everything and everyone is following the trend. This has also raised the necessity of localization of online mobile apps providing different services, and the year 2021, seems to favor few localization trends more than the others. The 2021 favored ones are:-


With every passing year, the number of people using online apps and services increases irrespective of their linguistic ethnicity. The data is widely spread from 2.3 billion Asians to 700 million Europeans and so on. But when it is compared with 327 million North Americans, it shows that there is a lot of scope for global reach. The first step in increasing the global reach of the app is by making apps available in local languages and thus the need for professional document translation services and localization is ever high.


It is a way of creating content adapted from a different language without changing the style, rhythm, and intent of the content in the original language. In transcreation, the whole content is created to look as if, it is created in the user’s language. Mostly used in the video streaming mobile apps, this trend has risen due to the demand for new content on these platforms. As people are engaged more online these days the demand for new content is also high.

Voice Search Localization:

This localization deals with optimizing mobile apps for voice-based content search, as smart TVs and mobiles are becoming more common everywhere. It sounds exciting but difficult to achieve, and it takes a lot of effort by top-notch professionals to achieve, as there are number of difficulties to overcome, such as accents, dialects, etc. Well, it might be hard to get but it is trending this year as more and more people are getting used to voice search tools.

Other than these, some mobile apps got trending for localization due to the current pandemic situation, such as:

Mobile Apps for Medical Services:

Medical services Apps are needed to be localized not only to widen their reach of users but for providing the correct information about the pandemic situation and how to cope with it. Apart from that, they are trending this year as people are avoiding going directly to hospitals for consultations, so localized apps would be easier to operate.

E-Learning Mobile Apps:

The ed-tech companies and their apps have seen the biggest hike in their demand because of this pandemic, and this is still growing. The e-learning mobile apps are on trend as schools and other educational institutions are closed. Due to this, there is a huge opportunity to localize the content and learning methods and widen their consumer base.

E-Commerce Mobile Apps:

E-Commerce apps have made huge names and revenue for themselves by localizing, in this pandemic. E-commerce apps have been widely used by consumers during the lockdown period for buying groceries to vegetables. Due to the rise in the customer base the need for apps being available in the native language of users also increased.

So, the current trend in localization is more or less focused on the above-mentioned areas. Although the trend of Multilingual Podcasts and Machine Translations is on the rise, for now, the trend is more focused on how user-friendly app localization can be done.

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