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Mobile app localization is customizing an app to be more accessible, culturally sound, and more geographically connected for the people residing in different parts of the world. It has now become an eminent part of mobile app development. Every mobile app developing company wants to spread their market and reach out to the maximum possible users. It is synonymic to growth and development. The more user-friendly an app is, the more is revenue generation.

With the high demand for professional mobile app localization services, there is also a rise in the standards. People often take app localization to be as simple as translating the content into the local language of the target market. Although translation is crucial, the actual process is much more than this simple conception. Nowadays, mobile app localization emphasizes completely reconstructing and refining the interface of an app to make it feel native to a user.

If you are planning to go global with your mobile app, once past that, here are five tips to seize this tremendous growth opportunity: -

Always make a culturally accepted transition

If you search on google, you can find numerous examples of such transitional failures that resulted in hilarious and sometimes embarrassing situations. Ensuring that the contents of your mobile app are culturally suitable is one of the most crucial aspects of localization. Every region of the world is unique and exclusive to its culture; identifying the specifics of the target market beforehand will make the localization effortless. This includes symbols, images, or even colors adjusted according to the target market’s culture. Also, while localizing, you might need to change the measuring units and time and date formats for better suitability to the region and translate the whole app into the local language.

App Store Optimization is Must

App store optimization is essential to ensure that people in the target region can find your app easily. It works pretty much like search engine optimization, increasing your visibility and reach on the app stores. Using localized keywords in the app descriptions and title lets users quickly discover your app and rank higher in the app store than your competitors. When optimizing your app on the app store, always select the correct search terms and have optimized content for each target location. Also, make sure to employ the correct app store depending on its reach and popularity in the region.

Metadata Translation is Very Important

Metadata, as you know, is the data that describes other data, makes it more accessible, and is essential for topping the charts in rankings.Mobile app’s metadata is a collection of elements such as – video previews, links to the website, app title, keywords, description and much more. This metadata is something that not only increases the visibility of your app but also adds to relevancy and whether a user will download your app.

App Translation is Crucial

When entering a new market region, be very careful with translating your app content. Most of the time, app makers only translate content/texts they think are essential. The effort you put in solving your app shows the importance you give users of the target location. Translating only “important” texts/content might upset your users.

Another vital aspect while translating your app is providing enough details to your translator. Providing them with raw texts will not help in effective content translation; therefore, it’s better to show them how and where the content would appear.

Professional Localization Services Agency

It’s the last but the most critical point of all. The localization services provider you choose will directly affect your app’s performance in the target market.All it takes is one small mistake, and everything you have worked on so far can go downhill. Therefore, localization service providers are professionals and have the tools, experience, and resources to make localization a cakewalk. While choosing your localization service provider, look for these essential qualities:

  • Experience and Past projects.
  • Proficiency of translators and linguists.
  • Tools and resources at your disposal.
  • Efficiency and schedule.
  • The Quality assurance process.

Other than these crucial pointers, the other things to keep in mind are overall quality assurance and testing of app localization and making your app language flexible. But before you take a step towards localization, it is advised to have a core team dedicated. You can have your localization services agency as a part of it to guide you through the whole process; as you know, it’s good to have professionals on your side.

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