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If we look around there is no business that doesn’t want to explore new opportunities and expand to new markets. Even if it means putting in a lot of effort and getting to a region, completely different than its native market. When targeting this new market, you must think about how the people are going to perceive your brand. Will they react to your brand messages in the same way as your native customers did? What steps you must take to get their attention? What makes them tick and how can your brand resonate with them? To all these questions the answer is a thorough Market Research.

Market research tells a lot about the target market. It talks about what the new market constitutes and what are the best ways to approach it. But if your target market is a whole different region belonging to a different language and culture, comprehensive market research translation is the key to unlocking the doors. Once you work in a new linguistic and cultural region, you will need an effective marketing translation for all your researches and smooth operations.

Essentially, market research involves collecting all the relevant data from a new market to process it afterward and make an analysis to tactically decide what is the best course of action for introducing a new product or service. Market researches are done to make informed decisions. Through market research, a business can choose the best way to develop, market, and distribute a product. It helps to ensure that the products and the brand itself are welcomed and seen as the best solution for the needs and demands of potential customers. So, there are two types to market research –

Quantitative Market Research – Here, the main objective is to collect standardized information from the market that involves most basic questions like – is there a market for the product? This type of market research utilizes tools such as – online surveys, questionnaires, etc., for a maximum possible population to ensure a bigger sample size. After data collection, it is processed and analyzed in such a way that it is understood and comprehended by decision-makers.

Qualitative Market Research – Well, in short, it is the research for the reasons of the results from quantitative market research. It involves working with certain focus groups and personal interviews. It defines the “why” for the liking or disliking of your brand or product. So, basically, qualitative market research states the reasons and pointers that motivate customers and helps in understanding the reasons behind it.

So far, we discussed what market research and its common types are, now let’s get into what market research translation is and why do you need it when you want to effectively communicate with your linguistically different target population.  But first, you will need an excellent professional translation company because –

In multicultural and multilingual contexts, translation ensures a well-organized flow of information across all locations. High-quality market research translation will help you accommodate all investors, directors, & other stakeholders on the same page, even if they belong to different native languages.

Expenditure dynamics speckled by the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in customers wanting and hoping for brands to authentically listen and meet their needs. And the best way of doing that is to conduct in-depth market research that gives you insight into how the potential new customers think and feel.

It is worth citing that market research aims to build a vision about the target demographic. It accounts for factors like - age, socioeconomic group, other products they enjoy, and more.

You will need professional, experienced, and native translators to effectively perform these services. As natives, they would have in-depth the language and culture of your target markets. In marketing research translation, the original information must be condensed with utmost precision, evading any omission or inaccuracy in the outputs, as that could severely alter the results of the research. Then there is also a factor of local diversity that may differ from one another more wildly than previously thought of. Although, business expansion has never been more profitable or cost-effective than it is today. At present, people are having an opening in international markets and that’s because of – new technologies, eCommerce, and social media channels. Nowadays, more and more businesses seek to and successfully connect with new audiences and flourish in new markets. 

Planning your market expansion plan will require translating your marketing research, and this is a task that you must bestow upon a trustworthy professional translation company with field expertise. LanguageNoBar is your most reliable and efficient option for marketing research translations. We have the most qualified native translators; subject matter experts, and we follow a 100% manual translation to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. So, for a high-quality market research report translation service trust LanguageNoBar.

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